The academic facet of G42 is as diverse as it is interactive. G42 believes that while information can prove helpful, it is impartation that gives way to breakthrough and growth. Each week of the semester contains its own separate subject. Topics vary between practical applications and spiritual teaching. The teacher’s goal for the week is to impart some aspect of his or her wisdom and character to the interns of G42. The Leadership Academy is not a Bible school, but rather a discipleship school whose teachings are inspired by the Word of God. Students will be expected to speak up and step out of their comfort zone during class while learning about and experiencing the active Spirit of God. Our goal is not to further the ever increasing divide between spiritual and secular living, but instead to reconcile the two to live spiritually natural and naturally spiritual.

The G42 classes are held in El Epicentro, G42’s community center located in the heart of Mijas and just down the road from intern housing. The Epi also serves as space for staff offices, English classes, tapas nights and worship.

Chosen for their relational nature and high level of training and experience in their respective field – either in church, business or the arts – the teachers of G42 are flown in from all over the world. Along with classes both in the morning and afternoon, teachers make themselves available outside of class for one on one meetings with interns to discuss everything from personal life to future plans or more insight on the day’s teaching. Teachers also make themselves available as a resource before and after their teaching week to continue assisting with the visions and goals of interns.



David Fredriksz brings decades of Church leadership to G42. He has a calling to release young people into their destiny, and his passion and wisdom serve to help many ministries in both leadership activation and facilitation. David lives in Mijas and takes the role of spiritual father and mentor for many of the interns at G42.

Courses Include:                                             Spiritual Realities, Discerning Life’s Calling, The Church



Andrew Shearman is the founder of the G42 Leadership Academy. His focus is on “impartation, not information,” and his vision, passion and drive set the tone for the entire six-months course at G42. Andrew has nearly fifty years of prophetic teaching and ministry experience in dozens of nations around the world.

Courses Include:                                            Covenant, Grace, Equipping, Tabernacle of David



Dave Hearn brings his experience from ten years as a military officer to instill leadership and character into the interns. Dave has twice been deployed to Iraq, earning two Bronze Stars as part of a Special Ops Task Force. Dave lives in England and is the founder of Global Adventure, an NGO whose mission is to provide adventurous opportunities to teach, serve and train the next generation.

Courses Include:                                            MIL-SPEC Leadership, Servanthood, Team Building



Bec is a mom to three beautiful children and provides a no-nonsense outlook to Christian ministry and living. Though she claims a fear of public speaking, she is an brilliant and fiery speaker and never fails to leave a positive mark on those she teaches and counsels. She and her husband Dave live in England where they help lead G42 and she works in various ways connecting with the community.

Courses Include:                          Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Shout of a King



Herman Haan is a true renaissance man: an accomplished pastor, author, musician, trained chef, sommelier, business man and documentary film director. But at his heart he just wants to bring God to cultures where “many Christians normally would not go.” He brings a zeal for life wherever he goes, and that is true for his time teaching in Mijas.

Courses Include:                                 Storytelling, Media in Ministry



Ted is the founder of Abundant Life Church in Bellingham, Washington, as well as the founder of House of Bread Ministry, an apostolic missions ministry serving churches at an international level. Ted has a father’s heart to see men and women released into their full inheritance. He ministers in many places as an apostolic builder and a prophetic speaker.

Courses Include:                                        New Covenant Realities, Prophetic Activation



Ethan is the founder of Diamondback Truck Covers and continues to operate as the CEO in State College, Pennsylvania. Ethan is the father of two little girls and brings years of experience in business and the heart of a father to the interns of G42. He brings real-life and practical business lessons in his teaching and enjoys assisting students in pursuing their entrepreneurial passion.

Courses Include:                                Kingdom in Business

Michael Dearinger


Michael Dearinger is the current pastor of the Journey Church in Fredericksburg, Texas. Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and years of in-depth study on dispensationalism and end-times beliefs. As Michael says, you have to “know where you’re going so that you know how you will live your life now!”

Courses Include:                                  Kingdom Eschatology

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George Ridley is the International Director of Light Force International, a UK-based charity that is developing churches and Christian business across Africa, India, and Eastern Europe. George brings his extensive experience building churches and ministries in austere locations that provide humanitarian relief, infrastructure projects, and the Good News to the people of these nations.

Courses Include:                                  Serving Culturally, Business and Ministry