Central to our teaching, mentoring, and impartation is the idea of the “kitchen table.” We believe that truths are learned more easily and more communally around living and working together. You will work and clean alongside your leaders. You will eat dinner with your teachers. You will learn, not just by listening behind a desk, but by watching the teachers live their lives.

Yes, principles of leadership and spirituality will be learned. But we hope that there is also a Spirit to be “caught.” Ask questions, join the discussion, and see how these men and women of God really work and live and how their relationship with God is reflected in their actions.



The following classes will be taught and demonstrated through community meals, activities around the academy, corporate worship and prayer times, and one-on-one meetings with Academy staff.

  • Servanthood
  • Character & Discipline
  • Intimacy in Worship, Prayer, and Meditation
  • Prophetic Activation



Each topic below is generally covered over a span of a week. Courses will be taught seminar style, including discussion, reading, study, and assignments.

  • Discerning Life’s Calling
  • New Covenant Realities
  • Kingdom Eschatology
  • Covenant & Community
  • Tabernacle of David
  • Grace
  • Media
  • MIL-SPEC Leadership
  • Oral & Written Communication
  • Making Dreams Reality
  • Pastoral Care & Equipping
  • Release & Relationship



Community practicums- These activities will accompany the on-going weekly practical application of what has been taught and caught. We will seek to plant churches, help ministries, and serve the local community. Be prepared to spend evenings, weekends, and some weeks “practicing what you preach.”



Adventure practicums- During your mid-term break, you may opt to go on a faith adventure somewhere in Europe. If you’re up for the adventure, we will facilitate a time of listening to the Holy Spirit and following your heart… get ready for some fun!
(Will incur an additional cost)



After successful completion of all course requirements, you will be encouraged to “Say Amen and Make a Plan”—establish a church where God has called you, or build a business, or lead a ministry. Or all three! The leadership of G42 will continue to provide oversight, help, mentoring, and direction as desired, as well provide access to our network of partner ministries around the globe.

During month four, interns may submit their ministries and projects for consideration for G42 ministry grants. You will also be offered the opportunity to form into teams to be sent into growing ministries around the world.