Beyond the white-washed Spanish houses, cobblestone streets, gorgeous lookouts and horse-drawn carriages of Mijas lies a small community that has served as the perfect venue for intense discipleship since the conception of G42. Once a small agricultural and fishing village, Mijas has evolved into a thriving European destination. Yet, it is dedicated to maintaining its quiet, Spanish-village charm.

Mijas is located on the mountainside of the Costa del Sol in Spain and sits just above the Mediterranean Sea. The modest population allows the G42 family to develop relationships with the locals, and over the years G42 has become a welcome and trusted addition to the community. There are many Spanish restaurants and cafés G42 staff and interns frequent. Often one of the most difficult aspects of graduating from G42 is telling their Spanish friends hasta luego.

Aside from the many cafés and restaurants, there are plenty of other activities in Mijas for interns to enjoy. During the summer, interns often spend weekends at the beach playing volleyball or grilling food with locals. The mountains and hills around Mijas offer spectacular scenic views on hiking trails, and the same trails are known for their world-class mountain biking. Along with hiking, interns that enjoy staying fit will also appreciate the natural rock-climbing walls on the outskirts of Mijas.

Centrally located, Mijas is only a twenty minute drive from the city of Malaga, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, and a short trip to well-known cities like Granada, Seville, Marbella and the Rock of Gibraltar. Buses run every half hour from Mijas to Malaga, and transportation in and out of Spain is easy as well, since the Malaga International Airport is only twenty miles away.

Mijas #1 - Abseiling
Mijas #2 - Village Walkway
Mijas #3 - Sunrise Brunch
Mijas #4 - Flamenco
Mijas #5 - The Mediterranean
Mijas #6 - Donkey Ride