The first interns that stepped off the plane to attend the G42 Leadership Academy in Mijas, Spain, had little understanding of the country, the language, the staff, or the teachers. A website did not exist, there were no alumni to speak with, and G42 was yet to have a single review. There was only uncertainty and cautious optimism. But these first interns showed up to Spain with the promise to receive direction and passion to live a meaningful life for God. Six years and two hundred interns later, that promise is still being fulfilled every day in the classes, scenic overlooks, and in cafés over Spanish wine and tapas.

The G42 Leadership Academy is a six month program created for discipling, inspiring and equipping young men and women to locate their passion – whether in business, the non-profit realm, church planting or the arts – and to develop a strategy to use that passion to bring Kingdom to the earth.

Discovering your passion at G42 is rooted in St. Augustine’s idea: ‘Love God, and do what you want.’ We believe and teach that you are the will of God – the greatest thought He has ever had. Loving God with all our heart, while living fully alive in the passions He has given us is the best way to both serve Him and bring hope to the world.In order to fully live out the dreams God has for your life, you must know his foremost desire is for you to be loved.  Our practical classroom teachings (business, art, leadership) are combined with weeks of biblical and spiritual lessons (the Church, Grace, Spiritual Realities) from leaders around the globe.  However, learning in the classroom can only go so far, which is why we believe relationships are essential for true discipleship.

To ensure relationships maintain priority, the Leadership Academy caps the number of interns per semester and employs a staff whose primary focus is relational discipleship. G42 now boasts alumni spread out across the US and in 22 nations around the world committed to living a meaningful life by serving others.

G42, or the 42nd Generation, derives its inspiration from the Genealogy of Jesus in the beginning of the New Testament. When Adam lost his birthright – his inheritance – to walk in the abundance and fullness of life, God had a plan to get us to the Promised Land. He had the Last Adam; He had Jesus. In what seems excessive, even boring detail, Matthew 1 lists Jesus’ genealogy.

From Abraham to David were 14 generations, from David until the Exile were 14 generations, and from the Exile to Jesus were 14 generations. Yet count the names and you’ll find only 13 generations from the Exile to Jesus, and so added together they equal only 41! Either Matthew was in need of a TI-85, or there’s something greater at work in this passage.

We believe Jesus the Christ was the 42nd Generation – the generation that receives the Promised Land, the generation that comes to faith to live in their inheritance. The Bible says that God “willed to make known the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Col 1:27)

At G42 students learn to live above the fog of circumstance and emotion, not swayed by the ebb and flow of life, and believe in a victorious God whose Kingdom is here and now on the Earth.

Maybe there’s something more to Christianity than acting nice, always looking over your shoulder for the devil, and sitting through service every Sunday. Maybe God is looking for his full human partner, who breathes, looks, fights, and loves like Christ on the planet. Is it blasphemy to call ourselves God with skin on? “On this rock He will build his Church,” He said. “You will do greater things than these,” He said. His full human partner – Christ in you, the hope of glory.

It is a nice concept, but what does Christ in you really look like? There is an oft-quoted line at G42 from American poet Josiah Gilbert Holland’s, Wanted… “Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog.” At G42 students learn to live above the fog of circumstance and emotion, not swayed by the ebb and flow of life, and believe in a victorious God whose Kingdom is here and now on the Earth. G42 students and alumni are taught and encouraged to thrive and be full of the Spirit every day. Contrary to the lyrics of a classic Christian hymn, God is looking for a generation that is not waiting for Jesus’ return to fly away after just a few more weary days.

God is looking for a generation that is not waiting for Jesus’ return to save them from iron shackles, weary days and a hopeless world. To the Israelites, the Feast of Tabernacles – also called the inheritance feast – was the celebration of peace, prosperity and restoration from their bondage in Egypt. God is looking for a generation that accepts their inheritance feast, steps into the Promised Land, and brings the rest of his children with them. We just may be the 42nd Generation.

A letter from G42 Founder, Andrew Shearman:

When I was a very young man, I recall it was winter in England and God asked me what I wanted for my life. “What is your dream,” He asked. Seemingly out of the clear blue sky, but truly out of my spirit, came my response: I want 100,000 leaders. “100,000?” I repeated back to myself. As soon as I said it the second time I became afraid. I told my wife and no one else. I did not bring it up again for 27 years, until my dear friend Seth Barnes asked me what my dream was and did not relent until I told him the truth.

“Call me crazy, and they have from time to time, but I’m looking for 100,000 good men and women to change the world.”

I was driving down the road with him in Northeast Georgia when again out of my spirit came, “I want 100,000 leaders.” If possible I would have reached up and grabbed those words before they reached Heaven. It’s ridiculous, after all…100,000 leaders.

Today, our leadership school here in Mijas, Spain, is training young men and women to go out there and make disciples, inspire passion and either start or join something significant! I see multiplication, not addition. When we talk about the 42nd Generation it no longer becomes about individuals, but an entire generation that gets it.

It is now up to the spiritual sons and daughters in the house – the ones with the same DNA. It’s up to those with the DNA of Kingdom, grace, apostolic anointing, covenant and the 42nd Generation to reach this number. John Wesley said, “Give me ten good men who fear nothing but God and we could change the world.” Call me crazy, and they have from time to time, but I’m looking for 100,000 good men and women to change the world.

Sadly, it’s too late for my generation, but there are a few of us out there believing for your generation – that you just may be the one who receives your inheritance. 100,000 leaders. Is it possible? God said He is the God of the impossible. He also said His Kingdom is coming and His glory will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea, so at some point a generation is going to sit at the feast of all that was prepared for them. Why not yours?”


Andrew J. Shearman

Costs incl. lodging, food & tuition: $6,800
Duration: 6 months
Total Alumni: 200+
Alumni in different nations: 25
G42 Networks around the globe: 40+
Teachers: 10
Staff: 9
Maximum number of students: 25
Age Range: 21-35

The 42nd generation is a network of Christ-followers with the mission to plant or lead churches, businesses, & ministries to spread the Kingdom of God around the world—to inspire and develop leaders who are passionate about giving their lives to the Message of Christ.

When asked about what was truly important, Jesus said, “Love God and love people.” The Bible reveals the way in which we do these two simple things. Discipleship is the process by which we love and become intimate with God. Koinonea, community, is the process where we love and become more intimate with other believers. God seeks an atmosphere of Freedom within the context of these two processes, and to spread His love across the world. He gives us a role in taking spiritual Dominion over evil.